A Bad Night At Mile High

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Apr 8, 2005
Seattle got a lot of breaks tonight but it was a long night for the Broncos.
Guess fans will have to stop blaming Jake....6 turnovers, sheesh. Just hope Al Wilson is ok.
I think Shannahan is missing Kubiak a lot more than he thought he would. Whether Plummer plays or not, the season will be over sooner than later--if they make the play-offs at all. Cutler could surprise, though. I really don't see any powerhouse teams out there. San Diego nearly lost to Buffalo, Indy lost to Cleveland, KC is not that good--and Pittsburgh is a puzzler. Let's hope for the best. GO BRONCOS!
Oh yeah, beat up on the Colts, popular fare these days. BUT THEY HAVE STILL WON MORE GAMES THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE AFC--including the Denver Donkeys and the that Chicago team.


I was wondering about Jake the Snake but was afraid to ask you.

Personally, I thought it was idiotic to take an experienced QB out of the lineup during a run at the playoffs by a winning team and stick in a first year rookie who had never played a regular season game.  There is so MUCH to know, especially in the playoffs.  Vince Young is succeeding at it, but few do, and he at least had the experience of winning the national championship in college last year.  He also did not come in in the middle of the year, but began early in the season.

Just my opinion, and I am not all that informed about the Broncos, other than I love Lynch (except when he manhandled the Ravens  :D  ).

There is some talk about replacing the Bears QB, and that also surprises me with their winning record.  So far Lovie is holding the line.

Stats are NOT everything.  Many championship teams have QBs who are not big on stats.  Witness the Ravens 2000 SupeBowl teamwith Dilfer.  He had lousy stats, but he never gave the ball over.  Raven current QB McNair is the same way... he keeps winning without great stats.  Now I know Plummer turns the ball over, but he still is a quality QB who knows how to help a team win.

I have played a few years of Fantasy football and it taught me a lot about stats.  You can win at Fantasy football if you pick players with great stats, but in real life it won't work.    Also in real life you get a lot of players who only want the stats, and do not understand team play and what it takes to win. Teams with good stat players who whine about not getting the ball often have trouble winning the big ones.  Quiet teams like the Patriots often do well.

I wonder if the Bronco coach tinkered too much and might miss the playoffs as a result?


The Broncos were going nowhere with Plummer and they drafted Cutler to be their quarterback of the future so I figured they might as well put him in now.....things couldn't have been much worse than with Plummer.

I think, as Aeolus said, that they're missing Kubiak a bunch.

The Bears are in the NFC. The Chargers are in the AFC with a 10-2 record, same as the Colts and Bears.


The talk about replacing Grossman is all talk by outsiders, the same pundits who were praising him to the sky after the first few games.  As you said, Lovie is staying with him. All they have to do is reign him in and let the defense and special teams win the games. :D

Isn't it funny how the media keeps jumping on different bandwagons trying to be the "sage".  I agree... if you tape a show 5 weeks ago, you will hear them raving about the same thing they are criticizing today.

I think Tony Kornheiser is the worst.  He will change horses from minute to minute as he announces Monday Night Football.  One of these Monday nights he will catch his own tail.  He is desperate to be a sage.  How he ever got chosen to do Monday Night Football is a mystery to me.  Monday Night Football is no longer the big game.  John Madden and Michaels are making Sunday Night Football the new Monday Night football.

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