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Dec 17, 2005
I have a 2000 winnebago adventuer, it has floor a/c in it and blows out the roof of the rv, my problem is during the summer in texas it gets really warm inside, my control panel has 2 lights on it, one says ac #1 and the second says ac#2. only the first light ever comes on. does this mean my ac in in floor only has one compressor or not. If so is it possible to ad more ac?

My Winnebago has the basement AC, with two compressors. The second compressor comes on when the difference between the inside temperature and the thermostat setting is greater than X degrees (I seem to remember X as being 4 but I'm not sure). You can sometimes hear the second compressor kick in, or check the amp draw in the monitor panel. It is not always obvious when the second compressor is running.
thanks cal tex, is yours a adventurer, does your control panel have 2 ac compressor lights? i have never seen my 2nd light on.
I have a Vectra, it has a electrical monitor panel, which shows total amps being used.  No lights or indication of whether the AC is on except the position of the thermostat switch. Sounds like it is a different set up than yours.
Most of those floor mounted a/c units need 220V @ 50Amps for BOTH compressors to function.  In our Vectra, there is a "wall switch" that must be in the 50Amp position rather than the 30Amp position for both stages to work...even if you are plugged into a 50Amp park outlet.

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