A cool beverage idea

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Mar 11, 2005
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This idea is cool in both meanings of the word cool, IMO

Last weak the Admiral and I were rummaging through Bed Bath & Beyond.  As an aside, about 8 years ago, my wife literally dragged me into BBBY (NASDAQ symbol) against my will.  Two hours later she had to drag ME out of the place.  I fell so in love with that store that I ended up buying stock in the company and made a killing.

At any rate, she no longer needs to drag me in; I drag HER in.  :D

Not only did we find a great ottoman with storage to put on the motorcoach (if we ever get it delivered), but we found a mesh bag filled with about 30 colored plastic cubes (1 inch square) that looked just like little ice cubes.

In fact they ARE little ice cubes in a number of different attractive colors.

You put these plastic ice cubes in the refrigerator.  Then the internal enclosed water freezes.  Then you put them in beverages and voil?, they work like ice cubes but they DO NOT dilute the beverage.  Nothing is worse than a watered down coke.  And for me, nothing is worse than a watered down Gray Goose vodka on the rocks or a Johnny Walker Gold on the rocks.  (I don't put my single malts on the rocks but that would apply too if I did.)

This principle is similar to those big blue things you freeze and then put in the bottom of your cooler to keep things cold.  Except if they get a pin hole in them, only water leaks out.

They look very festive in drinks of any kind.  When you guys become guests on the Big Sky (if we ever get it delivered), don't be surprised at the technicolored ices cubes we serve you!  ;D

This may be the first fulltimer discovery I have made on my own without the help of this forum heheh.  Finally a chance to give back a tiny portion of what I have received here.

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