A glimpse of the Australian Outback

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May 4, 2005
Adelaide, South Australia
A friend just gave me some links to some spectacular pictures of the South Australian outback taken from a glider. These are big pictures to download but I would like to bet that like me, each picture shown will bring an "AWWW" from your lips. This is such a lovely part of our country, come on down and check it out.
He said:
The Flinders Ranges.  The Wilpena Pound area is spectacular.  Aboriginal
rock paintings in secluded gorges, bushwalking, rock climbing,
camping spots next to rock outcrops that date back almost half a
billion years.  One of the geologically-oldest parts of the world.
And breathtakingly rugged scenery:


Drop in on the Parachilna Pub too -- Their Feral Mixed Grill is delicious,
and it's hard to beat the Coat of Arms BBQ.

PS: Coat of Arms = The Kangaroo and Emu are the heraldic shield bearers on the Australia Coat of Arms
so this BBQ is obviously going to include Kangaroo and Emu. Sounds very tasty.
Thanks for the links Ian. Certainly a big AWWW.
Tom, if you drop the URL back to http://slash.dotat.org/~newton/gallery/flinders-2005/ you can link up all 3 days. Some of the shots there are better than the 4 that I gave the links for in the previous message.
In particular http://slash.dotat.org/~newton/gallery/flinders-2005/20050611/20050611-Pages/Image11.html

is now doing great service as my desktop. It is already 1024x768 and just sits on the desktop nicely. Put it with a light blue theme and it works very well.

So, who wants to come downunder?
;) ;D
Hey Al, you going to Oz by boat or RV? You could buy one of those amphibious coaches instead of the Signature  ;D

Lou Schneider, one of our forum members, flew down there several years ago and made a marathon trip. He rented an RV for part of it and even checked in with the forum periodically. Maybe Lou will see your message and jump in.
AlGriefer said:
We do!  The current plan is to go sometime around April '07.  We were thinking about just touring, but perhaps you can tell us a bit about RV possibilities there?
Hi Al. I don't RV - yet ;) that's why I hang about this place, to at least get the feel of having been there and done that even if I cant go for myself.
There are a number of the framily who have RV'd in Australia and please don't forget a visit to our sister nation, New Zealand. If you were to drop a line to Terry and Liliane Nathan they could tell you about their RV trip around Australia about 6 years back. At present I think they are finalising their second Australian visit, Trains and Planes this time, and then heading off to New Zealand. They will be hiring a Motorhome in Christchurch then spending around a month or so seeing the very beautiful South Island.
In a few days I will be putting in a report on the Adelaide Caravan and Camping Show which I attended yesterday - still recovering - and which covered the whole gamut of recreational travelling. Maybe that will give you some insights and plenty of web links to follow up with. One place to start with might be the site for the new tourism push, australia.com. Just click on the name of the country where you are viewing the site and you will be set up with a great range of helpful info already priced in your currency. Cute introduction too ;)
Another source of contacts is the Pacific Forum, http://community.compuserve.com/pacific where you can talk to a number of Aussies and Kiwis and get help with what to see and what to do when you are Downunder.
Hope this starts you off and maybe we can get together if you get this far south. I look forward to that opportunity arising.
So, who wants to come downunder?


We're coming in a year or so. Have friends in Cairns who own a Land Rover and camp trailer that is waiting for us to come back and explore at a slower pace than the two weeks we spent in Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney three years ago.

My second visit your wonderful country.
Tom said:
Hey Jeff, does your friend's camp trailer look like this?

I haven't seen it but from his description it is a teardrop trailer that they tow with the Land Rover. They sleep in
the Landrover but I don't know where.
Jeff, when you say teardrop do you mean something like these Little Guy's? Saw them at the Adelaide Caravan Show yesterday. Not my cup of tea but my friend who is a large guy thinks they might be just the answer for his needs. There's just him and his dog so what more space do you need ;)
Ian said:
Hi Al. I don't RV - yet ;) that's why I hang about this place, to at least get the feel of having been there and done that even if I cant go for myself.

Thanks, Ian!

I've been to Oz twice and NZ once.  I was there a number of years ago as an assistant scoutmaster for a group at the World Jamboree in Newcastle along with touring for a few more weeks around both countries.  Having been hooked during that trip, I returned for another three weeks the following year.  We covered most of the area bounded by melbourne, Coober pedy, Sydney and Brisbane.

I figured it's high time to see some of the rest of your wonderful country.  If nothing else, I need a new supply of VB!  ;D

AlGriefer said:
If nothing else, I need a new supply of VB!
BLECH!!! VB!! Almost as bad as Fosters and FourX (XXXX). Those beers are for people who have not tried good beer yet <G,D&RVF>
BTW, I don't / cant drink beer, I'm just going on what I hear from the other lads. If you do ever get down this way they tell me you should try out some Coopers. In fact, if you head down to your nearest Home Brew shop you can probably buy a Coopers Home Brew Kit, I hear that Coopers Home Brew is sought after across the globe, and all produced here in little ol' Adelaide from a family owned company.

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