A little Google Chrome question.

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Sep 1, 2006
Florida, USA
For Ned or anyone else...

  I am using XP-- Firefox mainly, IE very seldom. A few months ago I downloaded Chrome, tried it out but saw no reason to explore it in depth. i.e. I didn't like it. I am on a fast connection..50 down - 5 up.

  Even though I am not using Chrome, it keeps adding cookies into the system from sites that I have never visited..some really weird ones. Must have over 200+ now.

  In the first little while I was able to erase the Cookies via Chrome easily so that they would not show up in my CCcleaner.  After a while that did not work anymore and now I get new ones every day.  CCcleaner has a selection to erase them, but it does not work any more.

  Today I removed Chrome from the system.  Even selected removal of download history.  Chrome is now history in the computer but the Cookies are still there.

I used Search - Cookies - Chrome cookies- but nothing was found.

  Question is:  what do I do next ? What is the secret.

  This is not an emergency; whenever you have time to give a reply.

Will appreciate a reply.

Carson FL

Chrome (or any browser) will only store cookies in that browser's profile and only when you're using it to visit web sites that set cookies.  If you weren't using Chrome, it didn't store any cookies on you computer.  Where do you think you're seeing cookies from Chrome if you've uninstalled it?  The cookies shown in CCleaner are from all browsers, not just Chrome, if that's what you're seeing.

In any case, cookies are just small text files and aren't a security risk in themselves.  They are a valuable part of making the web work.
In Chrome (and Comodo which is based on Chrome) go to settings and scroll down to the highlighted "show advanced settings" area.  Scroll further down and you will see that you can un-check a box that wants to allow google apps to run in the background.

I suspect that any add ons may have been updating themselves periodically, as well as Chrome auto updating, and what you are seeing are remnants of these activities.
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