A Memorial Day Tribute

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Bob Maxwell

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
[I posted this yesterday in the new Dog Lover's Community on CS]

On this Memorial Day I believe one group that only soldiers and family members remember are the service dogs that have served in our military with such distinction.

While they were known for their loyalty earlier, they came into their own during WW I and served as scouts, message and ammunition carriers, and first-aid suppliers.

As a 34 year owner of pulis, I'm proud to say that they especially impressed the US Army during WW I.

Dogs in the US Army and Marines are especially important in jungle warfare as their sensitive sense of smell has saved hundreds of soldiers, if not thousands over the years from Panama and Columbia to SE Asia.

Rarely remembered, the families that presented them to serve remember them
The soldiers they saved remember them
Those that escorted them to the Rainbow Bridge remember them
Those that await with them remember . . .

And so do I.

Thank you, all you unnamed and unremembered canine hero's this Memorial Day!

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