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Feb 1, 2005
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Dear Bill,

Sunday, at the 11.15 in St. John?s Cathedral in Albuquerque, an amazing event took place: my hands were placed directly on the hands of our bishop as he extended his to receive the Rev. Dr. F. Michael Perko as a priest serving in the Episcopal Church. I was the only diocesan priest to join with the retired canons and the clergy staff of the cathedral for the procession and reception. It was a wonderful service!

The beginning of the story . . .

Fr. Perko is a former Jesuit. And, for years he was assigned to Holy Cross, Deerfield IL. Yes, while I was the curate at St. Gregory?s! It was during this time that they
moved ahead [as did we all] that the marriage of a couple would normally be in the church of the bride. It was a lot of stress over there [G]. He was still there through the interim after the Rev. Al Holland. He retired from Loyola, got married, became Anglican in thinking & moved here. Then he made an appointment to start the process.

The rest of the story . . .

The hands of our new diocesan directly under my hands were those of a young man that as a couple interviewed for the sexton job/apartment while wife Debbie was
working in the Registrars office at Trinity in Deerfield and Jeffrey was in the Seminary at Trinity --both of them on the Canterbury trail and attending Glen Ellen! As
Jeffrey was working for the Waukegan IL newspaper, he decided to stick with that and not take the sexton?s job. I vaguely remember them.

So, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Steenson also has a St. Gregory's, Deerfield connection. Pass this story on to St. G?s --you all will never know how far your shadow


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