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Jun 1, 2014
Been a thought for about 12 years, a plan for the last 8, a member here for the last 4 and in just less then 45 days becomes a reality.  A couple signed on our house yesterday, financing should be done in 30-45 days, and 30 days to be out......and it begins.  We have thought it through, paid attention to most of the information here, and this morning am having the holy whaa, did we just screw up or what moment. :-\

So......the first bit of advice we considered was size.......I really wanted to go less then 40', my wife wanted bigger then 40'.....been a debate for a while, thought I had her convinced, then we settled on a 2018 Fuzion 424 at just over 43 feet and close to 16,000 pounds.  My argument was, able to put it in places and able to tow it with our Dodge 2500 HD......her argument was feeling cramped......we both liked the side deck......traded the 2500 in for a 3500 dually.  Now it's just shopping time.....was hoping to find a used one, but having no luck

Second bit of advice, Exit Plan, we are not rich by any means, pretty much your standard middle class, mostly working to survive with a few thousand in savings.......selling the house puts us in the Fuzion and the Dodge with everything paid off.........we'll have no bills other then the stuff your stuck with, tags, insurance, living costs, etc.  We will start of with a pretty good chunk of savings and my intention is to work for another few months to a year, depending on how I feel and stacking whatever extra we can on top of savings.  Our exit plan is that if we have to bail, either permanent park the TH, or sell everything and have the ability to buy a moderate home. We also both have life insurance, if one has to bail because of a death.

Third bit of advice...........fulltiming is not free..........we are fortunate with a retirement that pays for medical coverage and leaves around 3,500 monthlyfor surviving.  I have been researching work camping and plan to work at a part time (very part time) job when possible and we are both pretty frugal.  We have been researching the various ways to stay a night cheap while on our way to a destination, Walmart and such, and both are fine with boondocking, when possible.

The only downside is while I expect we will be fully loaded in September, can't start a journey till most likely mid January, and will most likely be stationary till spring......we are in SW Michigan.....but will use that time to practice, work out the bugs and get ready.

Things I still have to figure out.........my wife likes TV, so I am thinking we have Verizon we can use as a hotspot (I think) and mirror to the TV or use the inserts on the TV that gives access to HULU, Net Flicks and whatever...........or I just go with something like Direct t TV and use the dish............still thinking.

Prescriptions.......just change to Walmart, they are everywhere.....carry our medical stuff digitally....still figuring.

Solar..........I know I can go attached panels, but it sure seems simple to spend a couple hundred dollars on a decent portable solar briefcase and charge things that way.

Info while traveling.......I have found the websites that list Walmarts, Truckstops, Wineries, reserve America....I think we will be limited on some places because of size.............still need website stuff.

Employment.....I know there is working camping that can cuts living costs, and I have other interests and opportunities....going to cut bait on a fishing charter in Oregon, help with horseback trips in Wyoming and such, but I would like to figure out something I can do a few hours a day from my couch........wishful thinking.......but going to check anyway.

Residency.......I have family in Northern Texas, so once we are mobile we plan to transfer everything to Texas, leave a stack of prepaid envelopes and occasionally have them forward mail.

So there you have it...........our plan......if I am missing something, got something wrong or you have any input, please chime in as many of you are partially responsible.


jr brown

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Jun 18, 2018
Good for you enjoy your times together. Travel have fun and be safe you will wished you had done it sooner      Chief    :))
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