Ac and dc not working in camper

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Jun 22, 2013
Took my camper out last weekend to do a little salmon fishing here in Idaho.  Came home plugged it into 110.  Next morning no electric.  Checked fuses, break, 110 coming in where the converter is plugged.  Stumped! 
did you snap the breakers off and back on again? sometimes a breaker will "look" ok but be tripped
If you are sure the 120v outlet has power, then no ac is a breaker or shore line problem. No dc when there is no ac means your battery(s) are dead and you were getting your dc via the ac power converter.

Can you provide more details? What sort of camper are we taking about, and where & how did you check for incoming power?  And did you check ALL the ac and dc lines inside the camper, or just sample a couple? For example, you should check the 120v outlets, fridge on ac mode, and an air conditioner & maybe the microwave to determine if ALL the ac is out or just parts of it.  Quite often we find that an initial report of "no power" turns out to be "only some power".
Time to get out the volt meter and start checking things.  There is only one way to troubleshoot electical issues and that is with a decent VOM

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