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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Here is a question I have seen answered piece by piece...

What accessories should the new MH owner consider having installed perhaps even BEFORE delivery?

Obviously a braking system for the toad is in order

And one needs tihngs like sewer hose (Not to mention potable water hose) extension cords and adapters. possibly a waste pump (for those occasions where you need to dump UP)

How about a stearing stablizer, and tire pressure monitors (I think I'm going for tire monitors)

Hints and suggestions as to what to consider and what to avoid (Bargin sewer hose for example... AVOID)

My number one useful accessory is cheap and worth its weight in gold, so to speak.  It's a transparent elbow for the sewer hose so youo can see what's going on when you dump.  It's surprising that the initial whoosh effect does not necessarily empty the tank, which can be observed witht he flexible elbow.  If the coach does not have a holding tank flushing system, get one installed.

Then I suggest buying a good quality water filtration system for incoming water.  I triple filter our water, using two filters at the inlet and a ceramic filter cartridge for drinking water.

The biggest threat to RVers is water borne illness, because we move around and never know the source of the hose we connect to the coach.
Electric dump valves
Extra sewer hose carrier
Black Tank Flush System
Slideout Covers/Awnings
Trailair Pin Box (fifth wheel)
And the list of absolute necessities goes on and on and on. ;D ;D ;D
I have had that transparent elbow in use for two years now.  It is going to be one of the few things that move from the trailer to the MH.  Everyone who has seen it in operation has rushed out to get one.  Amazin how we like to watch things that go whoosh down the sewer! :eek:

And thanks, this thread has reminded me it is now time to order the macerator from Kentucky now.  I am going to install the exact same system that Monaco puts standard on its coaches.
Though not accessories, I consider essential to carry a spare water separator and or fuel filter.  If you pick up bad fuel, you can be dead in the water unless you can change filters on the road.  Also serpentine belt and A/C belt.  If your coach has plastic ride height valves, you may want to invest in spares or at least the linkage if it breaks while in transit.
Ok, some of those items were on the list I started with (Example the macerator pump, or waste pump as it's called on the rack at General RV,  A few other items were not on that list, and a couple of them I did not think of

One thing I'm going to add is a hose end adaptor... The waste tank flusher that does indeed come pre-installed uses a standard hose end fitting,,, The flush hose at every park I've ever visited has no end (just a cut hose) so I'll pack my own adapter (UR, hose end) they are easy to use and I've "repaired" many a hose so I know how to use them... I will need 2 or 3 though due to different hose sizes

(Total cost, around 1-2 bucks each)

And of course additional fire extinguishers... Including one that requires ME to lift it

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