Adding a rooftop AC unit?

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Aug 19, 2006
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We have a single Coleman unit and would like to add an additional unit come spring. On my coach there are two powered roof vents, one right above the dining area and the other in the bedroom. The one above the dining area has a blocked off 110v box that I haven't opened yet so I am not sure what that is hiding. We would actually like to replace the rear power vent with the new AC unit. Would the wiring that is in place for the power vent handle the AC and would the opening in the roof be the same size? Thanks!
Roof openings are pretty standard at 14" sq.  The AC box most likely has power available and it is also likey in your breaker area there will be a breaker possibly taped off that controls it.  You may have to still rout the AC thru part of the roof to get to the AC.  I instsalled a new one last year.  Never did one before, had to drill a hole for the existing wire and it took me under 3 hours alone.  The hardest part of the job was getting the AC on the roof.  I wouldn't attempt that part again alone, but the rest was easy.

I will be interested to see how yours works out as I would like to also add an a/c. Our 2005 Minnie can not keep up in 100 degree temps. Of course I wonder if that will mean upgrading to a 50 amp service to be able to run both units ?
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