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Nov 9, 2005
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We are looking for are first TT, we found a 2004 Adirondack Thor by Dutchmen 30ft bunkhouse with 1 slide that we really like. The slide is a dinette and couch slide. I have looked at a lot of TT and the total quality of this one seems real high. From what Ive learned so far seems it has all the better things you should look for but just curious if anyone has any opinions on this model thx

Options it has I like
1. Fiberglass exterior with nice looking wheels
2. Covered underbelly (grandpa says a must have and dad says no need but it has anyway lol )
3. Ducted heat/Air (heat from ceiling and Air from floor)
4. Interior looks more upper end
5. Decent size slideout for its size
6. Bunkbeds (have 2 kids so this seems to be the best floor plan ive seen for us)

I'm not exactly sure where the Adirondack trailer came from, but the 26RKSL model is exactly like my Skamper, which has been phased out now, and is also made by Thor.  Thor seems to be buying up everything in sight.  I have had no major problems with my Skamper, and really like it, but it's surely no high end model.  The Adirondack does seem to be a bit spiffed up from mine, but as I said, the floorplans are identical to my old Skamper.  I know you're gonna get the TT pitch from someone else here, so I'll just quit now.
Based on what I have heard about Thor products and what one of our members reported about his test drive of one I couldn't really recommend any of their products.
I bought an Adirondack 27FB-DSL 2 months back.  Overall I am happy with the quality.  I have one problem that the dealer is fixing, which is that the Front Cap needs to be replaced because it is bubbling.  Hopefully this will go well
Thor owns everything from Airstream to Voltage go to the website

There are really 2 major manufacturers of trailers Thor and Forest River.

I am on my 2nd Voltage branded by Dutchman made on the same assembly line as a Raptor branded by Keystone

My dad was the plant manager for Scamper and Skipper trailers in the 70s had 900 people working for him. My mom was the plants industrial/occupational nurse.

There are problens with each brand i personally wouldnt touch a Forest River product with a ten foot pole but thats me. I also said i would never own a Superduty Ford but after 17 GMs i own a Ford 5 of them lol. But i will never ever own a Ram lol

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