Advice on truck to see today for our Nuwa Trailer

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May 29, 2011
Eagan MN
Good morning.  My wife and I bought our first 5th wheel trailer a couple of weeks ago now. And today we do the walk through and pay the rest.  The company in St. Cloud, MN - Pleasureland has also been looking for a used truck for us to haul it with.  They have found one for us to look at today that might fit, but it is not a dually.  Would anyone be kind enough to take a look at the data below on the Nuwa and the Ford 350 Diesel and see what you think?  Should we hold out for a dually.  Thank you all.  We are excited to plan for our first spring trip once we have decided on a truck.

New 5th Wheel and Truck Specifications
2006 Nuwa Hitchhiker Discover America 35, CK
Hitch  Wt: 2,300  UVW: 12,320  GVWR:15,300 
NCC: 2,980  GAWR: 7,000  Tires  LT235/85R16-G

Truck we are looking at.  It is available, but not a Dually.
Ford 2011 SD F350 4X4 Crewcap Lariat 172? WB.
6.7L V-8 Diesel, 6 speed auto trans, has 39,000 miles.
Equip list shows add on of 11500# GVWR package
Ford Chart shows for 5th Wheel towing:
F-350 CC SRW 4WD  6.7V-8 TD = 15,800 Towing

Dealer is suggesting that this is plenty. I asked about tires and they said that the truck has E rating tires (highest)
Hold out for a dually.  You might regret it otherwise.  There is a difference.
Btw check ebay and craigslist.
Thanks Donn,

I have been reading all of the posts I can find in the forum around the 5th wheels, truck size matching, weights to allow for etc.  I think we will look at the truck but wait for a Dually.  I suspect others will recommend the same?  What is interesting for me is how many singles I see across the country towing large 5th wheels.  The great thing about this forum is that I have learned much about safety and that is what my wife and I want. 

You really do need the dually, the trailer is too close to the srw limit for comfort. Many people do go all out on the trailer then try to make do with the truck they have or skimp on the purchase. That is an invitation to disaster especially in the mountains. Safety first.
What you will find out there is a lot of people ignorant of their actual weights.  So they go merely down the highway totally unaware.  I was one of those people until I towed for a while and actually ran my loaded ready to camp rig across the scales once.  That was enough for me.  I traded a reasonably good truck with less than 8000 miles on it for a dually and have not looked back.  I did daily drive the dually for about a year, but I admit it was not in heavy traffic.  It is not a big deal once you get used to the truck.  Length is more of an issue for me than width.  Because I always remember the mirrors are still the widest part of the truck.  Dont know exactly where you are, but I sure would look at Ebay motors for comparisons.  2011 Ford was the first year for a totally new motor.  And while it seems to be OK there has been a lot of reports of lift pump failures that Ford is denying warranty on.  This is the exact same pump used on GM and a bunch of others, so this is not an exclusive Ford issue.  But Ford is the only one denying warranty claims on them.  My neighbor for one, stupidly he traded it for a 2012 same thing?  Go figure.
Your firgures show thr trl CVW as 15300, and the trks town as 158000. These figures are WAY TO CLOSE,  IMO  If your trls GVW is 15300 you'll nedd as a minumum a trk that can tow 18000, and have duel rear wheel for stability. Sure the F350 you show can pull if but it falls into the catagory of "Can you Safely Pull It"????
Thank you everyone!  We passed on the truck today and will look for a dually and higher towing capacity.

thandler said:
Thank you everyone!  We passed on the truck today and will look for a dually and higher towing capacity.


Smart move.  These guys are giving you good advice.  Happy hunting! 

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