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Apr 19, 2006
St. Charles MO
Hello all -

I am new to the camper thing and to this site.  I just purchased an 88 Coleman Larime pop-up.  Question is...can an aftermarket roof top AC unit be installed and will if so will it cause the roof to sag or leak?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to the RV Forum.  I have no personal experience with a popup camper but have seen several with a Coleman or such RV rooftop AC installed.  Possibly the manufacturer can provide some guidance on installation.  Hopefully others here with more experience will be able to provide more info.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I too have seen them with AC on top.. There are a few things to consider

One it is hard to cool a tent type camper

Two, AC units are somewhat heavy and will add to the weight you have to crank up

Three,,,, See the previous post where he refers you to the dealer for support

NOTE: There is no reason to choose a Coleman AC just because you have a COLEMAN camper, Coleman does not make either one of them far as I know, they just license the name.. Or so it seems these days when I contact them for support and they give me a list of licenessees (I don't have a camper or AC under their label though, just a hot water heater, several lanterns, cooking devices and a electrnoics tool)

Just Lou

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Dec 25, 2005
I have a '92 Coleman Chesapeake pop-up that I added an after market a/c unit to.  I braced the top with 1.5' perforated square tubing from Lowe's.  I chose front to back bracing rather than lateral because my old camper seemed to suffer from a little back bone sway before I started.  I bought the dometic roof top unit used on e-bay.  The seller said it was a 7500btu unit but it turned out to be a 15000btu unit and I can hang meat in the pop-up.  It will literally run you out of there in 20 minutes, on high.  I'll send you some pictures of the installation if you are interested. 

My '92 Coleman has synthetic canvass (not the old duck canvass of old) so no mold or mildew and/or dry rot.  I dearly love the old girl.  We named it the "Hotel Colapso" and have had many great trips in it, up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway and to the Outer Banks area in NC.

By the way.  Don't try to hard wire the unit into the electrical system.  Your converter has a 20A receptacle and a 15A receptacle.  Use the 20 and a flexible cord.  Plug and un-plug it each time you setup and you won't have any surprises.  lou


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Jun 25, 2006
Jonesboro Arkansas
Hello Everyone,
The roof top AC can be installed on pop-up's,
However you need too make sure that the proper support;s are installed in the Roof itself,
Whatever You do don't exceed over 120lb AC Unit, Most Coleman and Dou-Therm's average around 86-94 lbs,
Also you need too make sure the Unit is preped for a 30amp Shore power to avoid Electrical overload's,
If not may need too have a certified Tech. to install the proper wiring , cord, breaker's .
But as always better to have a Pro. to do a proper INSTALL, n not a buddy that thinks they can,
Because improper Wiring or thatall do Could lead into MISHAP or loss of PROPERTY !!!!
? ? ?Good Luck,,,,
? ? ?Master Tech? ? ? ? ?;)
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