Air bags changed

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Sep 7, 2010
I installed new Firestone 4100 airbags yesterday on my 95 adventurer.  I borrowed a 12  ton air operated bottle jack from work.  Jacked her up installed 4 jackstands for safety and went to work.  These are coil springs in the front.

The sawzall idea worked great.  I cut them out and it took around 15 minutes per side.  Then I soaked the airbags in Hot water to get them pliable.  I folded twisted and used zip ties to hold them tight.  I didn't have a vacuum pump but I got out as much air as possible and plugged them off.  I was able to get them up through the holes and it wasn't that bad. 

The worst part was installing the first disc on the top of the first air bag I installed, it wandered and shifted all over the place.  I finally got it.  The second one, I held the disc in place with 2 zip ties held to the top of the coil spring, this worked good.  I ran my air lines to it and routed them into the engine compartment.

I then installed some new Monroe shocks on the front and will do the rears when my body stops hurting.  The original shocks were junk and would stay in any position that I put them in.

This project wasn't too bad.  It was some work, but I saved some bucks and learned some new things.  If I do this once in my life, I am fine with it!

Thanks for all the tips and ideas.  I used many of the ideas on this site and they made it easier and less time consuming.
I'm just getting ready to do this soon, the local shop wanted $350 to do it and when he told me I
Could pull them out with soap and water I thought he was fooling with me. I read the install on line and they recommend using a layer of grease or non hardening sealant to hold the top rubber donut up.
The best way that I found was to cut them out with a sawzall.  I just cut between the coil springs and pulled them out with some pliers and vice grips.

Then I soaked them in hot water in the kitchen sink, put a 3 inch piece of the air tube in the airbag sucked the air out of the airbag, plugged it so it wouldn't allow any air back inside.  Then I folded each end towards the center of the airbag and rolled them tight.  Then I installed some zip ties to hold them in place.

If you have any additional questions I would be happy to give you a call and explain the process I did. 
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