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Biker Will

Dec 7, 2012
I have 2013 Ford F350 dually diesel on the way. I am going to install air bags individually controlled. I have had air bags in the past but I have allways had manual fill. Im going to use a onboard compressor this time. Do I need a holding tank or will the heavy duty compressor be sufficient for inflation with the toy hauler attached.Second can you use the dump for the bags without a. Holding tank.  Thanks, Will
Air bags do not take a whole lot of air,, That said a tank type compressor is better at increasing pressure quickly  And can come in handy in other ways as well (IE: Low tire,, Air operated impact wrench for changing tires, or selected other air operated tools).
Hi again Biker Will.  I have the Firestone Ride Rite airbags on mine, with the Airlift 72000 wireless remote compressor.  I have no tank on mine.  It takes about a minute or so to inflate the bags to 35psi.  A tank is not necessary for just the bags.  If you also want to use the onboard air for airing up tires, toys, etc., then you probably would need a tank.  But the bags will be fine without it.

The Airlift 72000 wireless is a great unit.  It lets you adjust the pressure on the fly.  And it maintains the pressure (due to small leaks, etc.) as well.  After the manual set up on my old truck, this is great. 
If the bags aren't going to have an "auto-level/fill" then having a storage tank isn't all that necessary.  If they will have an auto-level/fill valve on them then you probably don't want your compressor kicking in every couple of minutes to adjust the ride height as you travel down the road.  I'm assuming that the airbags are just going to be an over-load suspension instead of a full air-ride system.  If it's going to be a full air-ride the tank is pretty much a must, for over-loads not so much.
I installed the Pacbrake air compressor and air tank. Since it is ordered for your specific vehicle, installation is a breeze. All of the mounting brackets are drilled to fit your frame.
I built my own air bag control system using a self relieving pressure regulator and isolation valves. We now have compressed air to fill tires, blow the air horn, actuate the exhaust brake, start damp charcoal, and blow out the diesel intake filter.
According to the manufacturer?s instructions the minimum pressure to our air bags is to be no less than 10psi.
Have you thought of a ping tank?
In 2008 I told my wife that we needed an new air compressor for the 5th wheel (tires etc.)  I wound up with a Freightliner and told her it was the new air compressor, since it weighed 12,000 pounds I told her that it came with it's own Caterpiller engine.  She loves me more than I irritate her.
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