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Jan 7, 2013
Two weeks ago it was discovered that my front driver side caliper was hanging up. We found that caliper housing had leaked and rusted the mechanism. For two weeks I have been trying to get a repair kit or a new caliper. I have not had any success. I have been told it could cost up to $20,000.00 dollars as both sides would have to be upgraded and replaced. It has also been suggested that it might be cheaper to install a new axle. The coach is an 04 Safari Panther with a roadmaster chasis. The caliper that needs repaired or replaced is a Spicer, Haldex air disc brake. I have been told that because of a law suite by Bendex for patent infringement that no one has replacement parts or caliper. I find this very hard to believe that on a fairly new high end coach there is now way to repair or replace this part. I have all of the numbers off of the caliper but no one has been able to get me parts or replacement. Has anyone else heard of anything like this?

Jim Forsyth
I gather you have already contacted Roadmaster (Navistar RV) and they can't help either?

What about RV salvage yards? Some yard probably has a similar chassis, maybe under a burnt out coach? See our RESOURCES section (button on menu bar) for a list of such places.
Why not find out what it would cost to convert to bendix calipers. I found a site that has a cross reference tool. Or try calling. I can?t believe it would cost as much as you say to have your problem fixed. You don?t have where you are located. I would call a Freightliner shop and ask them what it would cost to repair what you have and or replace the brake calipers with Bendix.
By the way welcom to the forum and good luck on your problem.
Thanks for your response. I have tried to cross reference with the Bendix site but unfortunately there was a law suit and Bendix and Haldex parted ways. Bendix won the law suit so Haldex is unable to sell parts in the US and Bendix does not have them. The parts are available in Canada but not here. Makes a lot of sense. I have talked to King Kaliper who are rebuilders and they do have the rebuilt caliper available at a price. I have also talked to an engineer at Haldex this morning and found that Bendix has started to buying the parts from Haldex to repair or replace. I am calling Bendix back this morning to see if they can sell me the replacement. I understand there are other people out there who have been dealing with the same BS. I have even tried to find a Bendix caliper that would fit and change both of them on the front but have had no sucess. It does not make sense but because of the lawsuit the people who need to repair or replace the part are not able to do so.

Keep us updated. I can?t believe there isn?t an answer out there. How much did the rebilder want for calipers? I saw some on ebay for about $1000.00.
I finally got ahold of the right person at Haldex. I got ahold of one of the engineers and was told that the parts I need are not available in the US. Because of the lawsuit between Bendix and Haldex they are not allowed to sell these parts in the US. The are in Canada but not here. I then talked to Bendix and was told they sell a replacement caliper which would only cost $5,157.00 and take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver. Since I would be putting a different caliper on the driver side I would also need to replace the one on the other side. So the would be over $10,000.00 just in parts. I also had sugestions that it would be cheaper to install a new front axel. That really made sense to me. After 2 weeks of dealing with the brake experts at Bendix, Haldex, and several different shops in town I was finally directed to King Kaliper in Peabody Mass. They are caliper rebuilders. I found the have a rebuilt replacement on the shelf. We are boxing up the old caliper and sending it to them, once they have it they will send the replacement. It will take approximately 2 weeks to get the replacement and about 4 hours to install. I should have gotten involved in the research weeks ago and not depended on the local brake shops to help research  and come up with a solution. It is best to do it yourself. It took approximately 2 days of phone calls to Bendix, Haldex, Monaco and several others to finally come up with a solution. Bottom line is because of the lawsuit anyone who has this caliper and needs repair will have the same problem. Save yourself a lot of time and headache and go directly to King Kaliper and purchase a rebuilt. They are still not cheap approximately $1,700.00 but not $5000.00. I still do not understand why the whole process could be so involved but at least it looks like it may finally be coming to an end.

I thought about driving to Canada but did not want to try with only one front brake.

Go for it: Gary will be there waiting for you so he can bail you out of jail.

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