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Mar 12, 2009
Where is the best place to buy a new air filter for my Cummins on a Freightliner chassis. The filter number is FAR 114880 003
Have not found one on the internet yet, still looking. Closest Freightliner dealer is not really close.
Even though I have a Freightliner chassis I have found Spartan to be very competitive on pricing on Eco filters.
I think your Baldwin cross for that would be a PA-3493. You can purchase online or look in the phone book for a Baldwin dealer
under filters. Compare the price against the local Cummins dealer. Blow everything down with air first, If you don?t have already
get a can of silicone spray to aid in install, make sure to wipe out the can elbows and verify the operation of the filter minder.
Good luck.
The replacements for your filter is NAPA 6755, WIX 46755 or Baldwin PA3493.

Try this Link for either the NAPA or WIX filters, cheaper than Amazon ""
Thanks guys especially weewum, I ordered from Fleetfilters as they was $77 less than NAPA. Still was $111 with shipping. ???

Mavarick, that number was not the correct one for me, mine is a side entrance and I couldn't cross mine to the Baldwin line although I have bought fuel filters from Baldwin.

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