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Jun 1, 2019
I?ve gone and done it again. Bought an old class A fixer upper and have been lying on my back for the last week or so peering up at the underside.
My last one (20 years ago) was an old at the time Dodge based, hand me down Swinger?? with a 318, buggy style front suspension, and more than a few issues.
The ?new? one is a 1996 Winnebego Warrior 25RU. 63,000 miles on the clock and two previous owners.
I was looking fo a small Class A and as simple a unit as I could find. I have enough headaches with my own and my customers  complicated toys.
Well looks like I found what I was looking for- small Class A with a big stupid motor and not a lot of additional equipment. And a bonus - No Auto Park system!!
I picked it up south of Seattle and drove it incident free to my place on Vancouver Island. Aside from lots of thumping - tires I bet.
It?s not too bad actually and the flat spotted tires have already been changed out, new shocks fitted, the front high mount CRT TV removed from between the driver and passenger, and we?re headed for the scales soon so we can order the correct front springs from Super Steer. Not a fan of air bags to compensate for what I know to be bad springs. I have less than 1? of travel left in suspension and hate the low front end height. Going for the max travel setting recommended of 2.5 ?.
My wife was kinda surprised how good it is given what I paid for it- and we?ve decided to embrace the Teal accent package. Besides it?s way too tough to change the carpet - it looks like it went in 1st and everything else was built in over top of it. Cheap sound deadening I guess.
More later.....
Well, I investigated that big stupid motor. A 7.4 Chevy w throttle body injection. It didn?t give me any problems on the drive home, so I?ve ignored it. While waiting for the new front springs I decided on some under hood preventative maintenance.
Wow- can't believe this thing even ran. I had to pry off the distributor cap, destroy the rotor to get it off, and tore most of the plug wire boots removing them. Distributor was full of corrosion and road dust.  Air cleaner was as clogged as I?ve ever seen, and the start battery was weak.
Who knows when oil was last changed, but it wasn?t bad and the filter actually came off fairly easily.
All changed out now, and I?m not complaining- it?s all just routine stuff and should be done regularly anyway.
Front springs and ball joints coming next......
darsben said:
There once was a guy from Nanoose
Who decided himself to introduce

He bought an old rig on an old Chevy chassis
He doing his best to make it very classy
We hope  he will keep us informed


Now that's a Welcome ;D

Welcome to the RV Forum FarPoint.....Sounds like you just can't resist a project.
That was a great welcome, thanks!
Been a busy summer with work, and I?ve only had a few hours out of each week to crawl around under the old girl. And zero time to jump in to the forums.
But the new front Supersteer springs are installed- I weighed the MH at the local scales, called Supersteer, told them the measurements I wanted to achieve and they shipped me the  exact right springs. I also did the upper and lower ball joints while the front end was apart, as well as tie rod ends.
Was curious about the parking brake drum - NOT an Autopark - so I pulled it off, adjusted it, and put in a new rear transmission seal.
I also moved the water tank to a more central line of the vehicle. It?s mounted crossways, under the rear bed. It was (factory?) installed all the way to the left side, over top of the generator housing and suspended about 3? over the floor supported by some chunks of what appear to be laminated wall sections cut to resemble a 2 X 4. It?s now centreline and right down on the floor. The storage is a bit more awkward to access - but the whole thing looks way more balanced and certainly is supported better.
Working on some interior projects now -replacing the stick on faux wood pattern that is peeling off various panels.
Had to completely peel and re-skin the bathroom door.
Good thing I like projects........

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