Amazing that no one got hurt

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Dec 29, 2018
This Nissan hit the TT from behind, travels the entire length underneath all the way to the truck and lifted the truck. How can anyone survive this? WOW.....


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Wow, certainly wasn't their time to go.  Thankful no-one was hurt, material things can be replaced.  Crazy pictures, thanks for sharing.
WOW.  That one is hard to believe and the trailer does not look damaged either - but I bet the bottom is cleaned off.  Where did this happen?
Modern cars the interior is supposed to ber a "Survival Capsule" designed to not crush in a roll over or several other types of accidents. Everything the engineers can reasonably do to protect the loose nut behind the wheel is done.. Looks like Nissan's engineers did a fantastic job on that cart.

Car looks to be not all that damaged.  Driver. I assume was damaged. or to be more precise soon will by right after a wooden hammer hits a weood block on top of a tall bench.
How fast do you have to be going to make a car do this!?

Holy Crow!

Glad everyone is alive.... feel bad for the camper owners, once you get all settled in, it is a big pain to move tot a new camper...
Judging by the lack of side panel damage, it looks like they threaded it between the wheels (they did rip off at least one of the TT axles though). So I am not surprised the wedge-shaped car could lift the TT off the road...but the TV as

Curious if this was a new Nissan with their brand spanking new auto-pilot feature on. Tesla's have a bad habit of plowing into stopped vehicles with theirs.
any minute now the 1 ton owners will start in with..."Not enough truck" .... 

One thing I learned from this: MY NEXT CAR IS A NISSAN. Seems very well built...
Just when you thought you've seem it all....

Here's a link that sorta explains what may of happened
Wow - crazy picture! I'd say it's a testament to modern engineering. Looks like the A-pillars did their job and pushed the trailer frame up and over the passenger "cage" (as John referenced). Gotta wonder how fast they were going to make it all the way to the front of the trailer!
Whoa! I would love to see a video of that happening in slow motion! And get the thoughts of the driver while it happened.
RVMommaTo6 said:
Whoa! I would love to see a video of that happening in slow motion! And get the thoughts of the driver while it happened.

Wow you don't ask for much....A video...And slow motion :p :p

I can imagine what the driver was thinking...But forum rules prohibit me from posting such comments...However in the interest of comedy i will offer the following thoughts...I wish I got the car with sunroof...I've never seen the underside of a travel trailer.
Rene T said:
Just put the car in reverse and back out.  :eek: ::) ??? :-\ ;D :D ;)
It is amazing that it got past the trailer axles going under but backing it out may be a tad more difficult.
unhook the truck,  and have the Nissan pull the trailer out of lanes.

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