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Jan 13, 2005
I wanted to return a couple of items I'd recently purchased on amazon. They now offer an option to take the returns to Kohl's along with either a printed return authorization or a scanned barcode. Kohl's will pack the return items and ship to amazon. When Chris dropped off the items at Kohl's today, the guy explained "we recently started doing this (for amazon), and it helps bring more traffic into the store". He gave Chris a complimentary 25% store discount coupon.

Meanwhile, it saved me re-packing the items and making a trip to a UPS store.
Especially handy if you've already discarded the box.

While I usually drop returns off, UPS will come to your door for pickup. If you use this route they print the return label
[quote author=Back2PA]Especially handy if you've already discarded the box.[/quote] 

True  ;D
Now if only the nearest Kohl's was not in the mall 50 miles from my house where crime has became so bad that people actively avoiding the area, particularly after dark.
Not all my purchases arrive in boxes.
Don't bother to pack, label and seal the box like amazon says when you take it to Kohl's 'cause they're just going to tear it open to verify contents anyway.  Other than that it was easy.

Mark B.
Albuquerque, NM
amazon said not to pack, label and seal the box; They specifically say that Kohl's will do that, which in our case they did.

Edit: See attached screenshot.


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An additional advantage, is that the return is credited as soon as Kohl's receives it. Otherwise, you don't receive the credit until about a day after it is delivered to Amazon.

That's correct Joel. The credit showed up immediately (while Chris was still in the store).
[quote author=Alaskansnowbirds]Did she spend the credit while she was still in the store?[/quote]

No, but she took advantage of the 25% store discount  :(

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