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Jun 22, 2005
We have been researching new 5th wheels and are thinking about buying an Americana.  Anyone  have one?  What has been your experiece? 

I also hear there is an Americana Travel club.....anyone know anything about it?  Thanks!  Jeanie
I'm not familiar with the brand but I think buying factory-direct and getting custom layout is an excellent idea. You get the features you want for your dollar and get factory delivery & tech support as part of the deal. 

About the only drawback is the lack of a nationwide dealer network for service while you travel, but most components of ANY RV can be serviced wherever you go anyway.  So many of the major systems (furnace,a/c,  water heater, fridge, stove, water pump, etc) come from industry standard suppliers like Dometic & Atwood that all RV shops service them. And the warranty on those components is also direct from the component manufacturer, so you have warranty coverage too.

New Horizon is another 5W manufacturer that does custom layout and factory-direct sales..
I've checked their website and it is very impressive - you get the travel membership w/purchase. they are promoting these as full-time, all-season units , with elec/hyd. brakes and optional air ride. Hope this is a help. ED

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