Android apps for men over 50

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Mar 26, 2006
My old flip phone I had for 5 years was on its last legs, so I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S3 and entered the world of smart phones.  Wow what an upgrade.  There is so many apps on Google play it is hard to review them. 
As a guy over 50, I see most of the apps are designed for the younger generations.  I have found the following apps useful: Redbox, Gmail, Google Calendar, The weather channel, Sudoku, Tip Calculator, Flash light, Firefox, Gasbuddy, Out of Milk, a State Road Report and a local news channel.
I am asking for information from men over 50.  What apps do you like?  I am sure there are some great apps out there that men find fun and/or useful.
"Quick Settings" is good. It puts all the controls of the phone in one easy app.  Good if you want to change volumes, turn wifi on or off ect. 

"Network Signal Info" is a good app when traveling. It will show you the strength of both mobile signals, WiFi, and the system info of your phone. 

"CalenGoo" is a calender app that is good if you use Google for your web browser.  It syncs my calender with my phone and visa versa.  Also syncs me and the DW calenders together as well.

"My Cast Lite" is a weather app that gives you quick weather where ever you are (uses your GPS location).  Gives 7 day forcast as well.  Is NOAA based.

And of course all of these apps are free!
Flashlight came bundled (It is called Assistive light) and thus not needed, A tether app, If your service provider charges try FoxFire (not the free version but you can TRY the free version first)  I have a couple of games (Majahoog if I spellied it close enough) QR code reader/Bar code scanner (Take your pick)  Document scanner app ((MD Scan Lite)) which .. Well I had to search for where it hid the PDF but it makes PDF's out of paper.  Network signal of course.

I have some ham radio apps.  Compass, Speedmeter and some apps that read GPS info that is not easily found.  I can go through the phone later, Now it's DINNER TIME DING DING DING so I'm going to hit post and go eat!!!!!
Some I like:

Google Earth
Network Signal Info (Phone & WiFi)
Compass & Leveler
GPS Essentials
Sanidumps Lite
Spirit Level Plus
Tide App
TV Antenna Helper (TV Station locations, etc)
Google Sky Map
Ski Report
WiFi Manager
Kingsoft Office (very good and FREE)
Aldiko Book Reader
KeePassDroid (companion PC version)
B&H Photo/Video
DroidFish chess
LunaSolCal Mobile
My Tracks
Sound Hound
Memento Database
Handyman Calculator

....and lots more
Amazon Kindle
Droid Light
PDAnet with FoxFi
Google maps
My Pilot/Flying J
Sitellite Director
Skype mobile
and my bank and insurance companies apps.
Some of my favorites:

Swiss Army Knife (includes a flashlight, a ruler, a timer, a stop watch, a compass, a bubble level, a calculator, a magnifying glass, and a mirror.)
Dropbox (Cloud storage/file sharing app)
CamScanner (uses the phone's camera to scan a document and converts it to a PDF)
QR Droid (reads the Quick Response codes that are found everywhere these days)
Shazam (it listens to a song on a radio or tv and tells you the song name and artist)
A number of Google Apps

These were all free through the Play Store
For men under 50:

Give you advance notice of 4 fishing or hunting days each month.

(OHHHH I know in my heart I should not have posted this)

The devil made me do it!
Around me (free, on iPhone,iPad, not sure if it's on Droid)  Seeks out closest food, gas, hospitals, POI's, etc.  Very good App.
Well, for a woman over 50, these are the ones I use most often -

Flipboard is my new favorite, seconded by Google Current - both good for keeping up with news events in an interesting way

7 Little Words - I like the daily games the best

WV511 - from the WV Dept of Transportation on road conditions; maybe your state has something similar

Flashlight - this app turns your screen white and has a wide field of view, while others use the flash of the camera

HBO Go - gotta keep up with Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones

Pandora - defaults to  Bach, never needed to set up anything else

Notes Lite - simplest to use, & can set up in files. I keep info handy like dimensions for things in the TT as well as taking notes for things at work.  I have Evernote, but never needed to use it.

While not an app exactly, similar to Notes Light, I use the sticky note feature on my Android a lot  I keep one enabled on the last screen and use Voice once I have enabled the keyboard- good for lists and things I find while out that I want to check on later etc.

Poetry app from the Poetry Foundation - kind of nice while in between appointments or when I don't want to get consumed in a book.

Pixlr--O-Matic - makes a picture have special effects. I am partial to making my camping photos have the old time Kodachrome look

Postcard Lite - nice for Wish You Were Here messages while camping to put on Facebook

I just installed Pocket to have stuff to read offline

thanks ceemike for Swiss Army Knife
ceemike said:
Shazam (it listens to a song on a radio or tv and tells you the song name and artist)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... I have been looking for an App like that one and installed it this morning,, Had a chance to try it this afternoon and IT WORKED even in a room full of people with the radio across the room. IT WORKED!!!!!
John, Shazam is definitely designed for the over 50 crowd.  We have so much info crammed into our noggins that we need all the help we can get remembering stuff.
Well, hazard of liking to sing, there is a lot of music I know, however there is a lot more music that I don't yet know,,, Plus there is the old brain freeze,  You know like when someone asks you name and you stand there.. Ur,, Just a minute,,, I know it like it was my own name.. oh, yes, it is.. JOHN, that's it. (I've never had it quite that bad but I've come close a few times.. You do know that's why salesmen wear name tags right).

Today happend to be a piece I'd never heard before,, Knew who the artist was but not the piece.
[quote author=John From Detroit]Today happend to be a piece I'd never heard before,, Knew who the artist was but not the piece.[/quote]

What was the piece John?
Willie Nelson: Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

You would have to ask now wouldn't you.

After I got back to the laptop... I found it on You-tube and d/led it.

Question.. What does a RAM watch?
Answer: EWE-Tube of course.
Hi Everyone,

I have been looking around the forums for a while. Finally decided to register so I could share!  Anyway I found a decent list of apps RV App Guide: 10 Apps for the Open Road I really liked Goby and the Key ring rewards app. They arent for RV'ing directly but I sure use them alot when I am in mine.
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