Another 4x4 trip at Quartzsite 07

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Ron from Big D

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Jan 30, 2005
Dallas, Texas
    Well!!!  I've made 3 attempts at sending this message with attachments and if it doesn't go out this time, the heck with it.  You'all can talk to someone else about Fridays off road trip.  Having typed it this many times.  I'm not going to describe it beyond saying we went to Palm Canyon.  Photos attached, I hope. :p



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Thanks for the photos Ron, they came out just fine.

What happened (or what error message did you see) the first couple of times you message wouldn't post?

    The first time, it blocked because the file was too large.  I went back and reduced all the photos, but it still would not upload.  I tried to get rid of some attachments, but I couldn't do that either.  I just dumped the whole thing and re-sent the photos and short message you just saw.

      How can you delete attachments individually?

Ron, the photos turned out great and look just like they did on Friday.  Because you had trouble sending them, I'll add some verbiage on your behalf.  They were taken at Palm Canyon which is in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (Kofa is an abbreviated version of King of Arizona which was a mine in days of yore).

Palm Canyon has this small stand of California Fan Palms (Washingtonia filifera) that are the only palms native to Arizona.  Botanists believe they may be descendents of trees that were here during America's last glacial period.  There aren't many, about 50 or so and it's a good little hike up to see them.  The view out the canyon is beautiful and that photo is looking out to U.S. 95 toward the east.  After climbing up the trail we had lunch when we returned to our cars down at the parking lot.  The view there is more expansive and you can see Quartzsite with traffic moving on I-10.

Also, I'll note for the record that the last two photos were taken at the end of our trail ride in Quartzsite at what we call "Q Hill" because (surprise!) the hill has a big white Q on the side.  It's actually the smaller hill to the south of Q Hill where there's an old mine.  From the wash we drive up the west side of a hill (in lowest gear) and then down this steep portion on the eastern side before making a sharp left turn.  Fun!  The last photo is a view of Quartzsite from the hill and, for those who have never been to Quartzsite, you can see RVs all over the desert.  This is just one small section of desert around Quartzsite that in the summer is almost empty.

Thanks Mike, Rene & Ardra.  I was too frustrated to rewrite the total description of the trip three times.  Ardra did a great job.  Glad all of you enjoyed the trip.

Ron from Big D said:
How can you delete attachments individually?


It just takes a few mouse clicks. I posted the procedure in this message. I verified the procedure last night and this morning. Figured it deserved to be in the Forum navigation and usage tips board so others can find it later.

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