Another Ford Explorer Cockup

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Feb 3, 2011
i wouln't blame ford . they only make them,they don't install brains behind the steering wheel. glad everybody is ok


Guest think that would have never happened if it was a Tahoe ?  ???


Oldgator73 said:
Well I had to name the post something and since there was not  a Tahoe involved I had to go with Ford Explorer.

The problem with that is years ago Ford Explorers had a huge towing lawsuit issue because Ford cheeped out on the tire size/load specs. and it killed several people.  So they forbid Explorers from towing any trailer at all.

everybody picked on Explorers when all it was wrong was undersize tires from the factory.


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Apr 9, 2017
yeah..something tells me..that wont buff out alright !. glad they are ok !. I know I have told this story on the forums here a time or two ?, but i'll tell it again, just for all the new folks wanting to tow that long ( at least 30ft ) trailer with a 1/2 ton truck. I own a 2000 Silverado,reg cab, full tow package, class IV hitch ( I think thats the hitch on it ? ), 3.73 gears, tow haul mode, whole nine yards. purchased a 1970) something 29ft nomad TT, I had a WD hitch, full set up, new 8 ply tires, headed from Arkansas to AZ. was told i'd never get out of the state ?, well..yes..i did !, made it all the way just a few miles west of Albuquerque,nm. driving along at 55 mph, slow lane, seat belt on, minding my own bizz, next thing I know..i'm sitting jack knifed in the middle of both I-40 lanes..wondering what the heck just happened ????. my truck was wrecked bad, trailer was bad, both had to be towed to gallup,nm. some drunk lady, driving a car that did not belong to her ?, no DL ?, no insurance ?. I know my brakes on TT and my truck were good, cuz I checked, double checked, triple checked everything before I left out headed west. needless to say, she slammed into the spare tire on the back of my trailer, jack knifed me, and now I am sitting in the middle of I-40. bottom line: just because you think you can pull that trailer ?, and maybe you very well safely can ?, this don't mean something else like my story won't or can't happen !. please...PLEASE BE SAFE ON THE ROAD !!.

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