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Jan 13, 2005
Forum member Mike Coke has made a very generous offer for the folks planning to be at Moab this year. If anyone wants to participate, please respond to this topic and Mike will be able to gauge the interest level.

Hi all,

Thought I would first tell you all a little about myself.

The Name is Mike & I retired from the National Park Sevice after being a Park Ranger for 13 years.

I worked in Death Valley (Scottys Castle, Gulf Islands National Seashore (Fort Pickens), Everglads NP (Shark Valley), San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, Hovenweep NM.

My last Park was  Hovenweep NM about 120 miles south of Moab.

What I was wondering is would anyone be interested in going on a day trip to Hovenweep & all og the out lying areas of the Park on one of the Rally days?

Here is a little info it would take about 2 hours to drive down to Hovenweep & 2 hours to get back to Moab.

Time there would depend on how much we do there. To visit the main area Square Tower  Unit it woud take about 1.5 - 2 hours if we stoped at the Visitors Center & walked the 2 mile loop trail to see all the ruins.

There are 3 outlying units all with different styles of ruins. I would recomend we also stop & see them.
I thing the total trip would be 9 hours. $ driving & 5 to see everything.

Let me know what you all thing.

Here is the link to Hovenweep's web site:
The firsr link will take you the a Photo Gallery of Pics of Hovenweep.
This link is the main Hovenweep NPS web site.

Mike, Wendy & Sam our Chocolate Lab

2004 Winnebago Sightseer 27C
OK Chet, I'll add you to the list. Since Mike is organizing the event, I can't make any commitment on the time.
I just let Mike know we would be interestet.  We visited the Hovenweep park two years ago on our way to Moab but would really think it would be worthwhile and interesting to visit again on a guided tour.  Thanks again Mike for the offer.
FYI Mike has joined this forum, and so will see the replies for himself.

The Ruwards, Johnsons, Parks, and Jones have responded elsewhere confirming their interest in this event.
Hi Tom,

We're interested in taking the trip. We have been there before but only drove around the park and didn't do any real exploring.

We, or at least Lorna, would like to go as well.  I expect, as in most of our road trips, there will be seats for anyone that wants to go.
Ned said:
We, or at least Lorna, would like to go as well.? I expect, as in most of our road trips, there will be seats for anyone that wants to go.

I'm sure there will be seats available for the trip.  We can always leave Bert to watch the coach.  He hasn't complained yet a bout being left behind.
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