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Jan 22, 2006
The wife and I are seriously looking at getting our first RV.  We've been looking at them for the past 10 years and will probably be making a buy this year.  We are looking at Class C models in the 25 foot range.  Our biggest issue is we are in a town house.  We do have parking across the street, but I don't want to put a huge unit there.  My wife insists on a new unit, I don't really care about that. We have 2 young kids, so a bunk bed system would work great, but I haven't been able to find a Class C with bunk beds.  Any suggestions?

Sorry, I don't have much personal knowledge of Class C brands, but I know there are bunk bed models. Might have to go larger than 25 feet to get 2 bunks plus a master bedroom, though.

A trailer might be less expensive and easier to find - travel trailers with bunks are fairly common.
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