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May 29, 2006
Poulsbo WA
My wife's Hyundai Sante Fe weight specs read as: Weights: gross vehicle weight rating (lbs) 5,774, curb weight (lbs) 3,574 and gross trailer weight braked (lbs) 1,200 ...

There's a neighbor with a nice-looking double axle car trailer that looks as if it hasb't been moved in ages. Rubber is good, no real body dings. Looks like a clean-up and a safety check and it's good to go. I take possession of the MH in about 19 days & I'm unsure of the specs but I know it has a tow package - so I'm assuming it can tow a vehicle of some kind.

Based on the above weight, and just as a rough guess, would you say a 35' Bounder with a 454 could tow that car or is it - in your opinion - too much? And does the car trailer really need brakes?

Most places we'll want to go will be just us hunkerin' down but for the times we want a vehicle, I'm thinking this might be an answer - and it's right in my own back yard - kind of.

Thanks for any advice.

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You would want to check the towing specs of your Bounder to determine the weight rating of your hitch receiver.? In addition you need to determine the Gross Combined Weight Rating? GCWR of your motorhome.

My intuition is that a car weighing 5774 is probably over the GCWR of your coach and added to this weight the tow dolly would likely push it over the top if it isn't already.

If you do not have the documentation for the coach, then call Fleetwood to get the specs.

It's not just the hitch receiver, but the transmission, engine cooling and braking system of your motorhome that could be compromised if your load is overweight.

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You may want to consider towing it 4-down instead of incurring the penalty of the extra weight of the car trailer, which are not the most convenient things to use. It would require a lube pump for the tranny and a baseplate/towbar. Remco makes a lube pump for your unit, and Roadmaster make the basaeplate and towbar. Blue Ox probably makes the baseplate and towbar to fit also.
Remco is HERE Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Click here to continue"; then go to the "Vehicle Application Chart" link to select your vehicle.
Roadmaster is HERE

And, Yes, you will need aux. braking on the toad (or the car trailer for that matter)
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