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Bob Maxwell

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Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
Two weeks ago, I found an unexpected use for my Suncruser and tow.

My son (disabled since an industrial accident in ?95,) called and said, ?Dad, my Dr. (a back specialist in Tucson,) that all my disks are gone between my vertebrae and in 1-3 years they will fuse together. Make a fist with your hands and put your fists and knuckles together. If I can keep the spine aligned or just avoid fast moves, that?s how long it will take. He told me I?m in the top 2% of his disabled patients who take care of themselves . . . and 25% of those who get this diagnosis commit suicide. I don?t expect that of you. However, there are 8 things you cannot do any more or they will kill you. 1 You can?t drive a standard transmission anymore. 2. You can?t go fishing. Hook a big one and setting the hook you can cut your spinal cord.? Jeff said, ?I won?t quit fishing but I?ll take one of my fishing buddies and pass him the pole if I get a bit or strike!? He didn?t know what to do with his standard shift truck with 263k miles but he can?t drive it anymore. He will part sell it out.

I watched as my oldest Sil Jeff Font and family headed for NOLA the next day and saw his 1998 F 150 XLT with the Triton V8 and Lear cap and a for sale sign in the windshield and finally had an idea. Betty and Bill had given it to him 11 years ago after they had owned it for 9 years so I said. I?m thinking of trading the Mh and tow for Jeff Font?s 150, what do you think?? ?Yes, we?ll ask him when he gets back in 10 days.? We were going to use it to trade for a class B; my Jeff drove it home after taking the bus up here. Sometimes our RV is an emergency resource. I'm thankful it was available. I am so proud of both Jeff's.


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