Another "Worlds Largest" in Pahrump

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Lou Schneider

Site Team
Mar 14, 2005
It looks like sleepy little Pahrump, NV where I have my home base is hitting the big time.

A couple of years ago we got the big shopping center with Walmart, Albertson's, CVS, Home Depot, Denny's and a dozen or so other stores.

We have 4 huge fireworks stores that are open year round.  I don't know if they qualify as "world's largest", though.

The local pot emporium says it's going to expand their growing area, which is currently in a large, unmarked warehouse with block walls, locked gates and armed guards behind the Chevy dealer.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort at the south end of town will be "the world's longest road racing course" at 15 miles in length when it completes the second part of it's expansion plan.  Currently the longest road course in the world is the famed Nurburgring Grand Prix in Nurburg, Germany at 13.1 miles.

We already have 5 casinos in the town and they're breaking ground for a new 5 story, 125 room Silverton Hotel and Casino adjacent to the racetrack.

Now the UK's Daily Star newspaper has crowned Sheri's Ranch "the world's biggest brothel":

I wonder if I'll recognize the place when I return in the fall.

Sheri's Ranch?  That was there when we were in LV in the early 70s!  Funny how those "ranches" were established on every road leaving Clark County at the county border.
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