Antenna cable issues

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Oct 24, 2012
We are having problems with our Antenna cable.  We finally figured out it is the cable and rather than replace just the heads we wanted to update the cables from the antenna to the 2 tvs inside.  Our Winnebago Adventurer is 2002 model and we replaced the antenna, no longer have that box that had all those buttons (TV, TV2, VCR, Satelite, Cable etc).  We just hook the antenna cable and tv cables to a booster.  Question is, is there anyway to replace the cables without destroying your RV?  :-\
You just have to trace the antenna coax from rooftop antenna to the tv booster. Alternately, install a new/different antenna in a different place on the roof and drop the new coax through a hole (you have to drill) into the interior somewhere convenient.

Here are some antennas you could use:
It is most likely (But no guarantee) the cable from the roof to the head, Since that is the one that is exposed to the elements incuding sunlight.

That cable is just what you see, there is a bulkhead connector, likely covered in caulk, at the roof, peal back the caulking and you can replace just it

IF that fixes your problem, then you are good, No need to tear apart things.

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