Antenna For wifi card

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What model card?  Not all cards will connect to an external antenna.
You have several choices for an RV.  Basically, an internal antenna with gain that's made too boost the signal, an external antenna with gain that receives and transmits in every direction, or a directional antenna which listens better and transmits a stronger signal, but it must be aimed. I just picked up a directional antenna to try, but don't have much experience with it yet.  I just unscrewed the stock antenna and screwed in the cable to the external antenna. I use a US Robotics card that I purchased locally.  The newer "N" wireless cards provide more range, so spending more to get an N card might be beneficial.

I dealt with Sharper Concepts, 2901 Clint Moore Rd., #193, Boca Raton, FL 33487, (561)989-9902, or [email protected] .  They sell items on Ebay at , and were very good to work with. I bought the Hyper-Link Technologies Model HG2412P antenna that's about 4" square.  Be sure you buy the pigtail connector from them, as I couldn't find one locally and had to place a second order.  They had items to me in PA from FL by FedEx in about 2 days. They have a number of different models to choose from.

Good luck!
Better than a PC Card is a USB wireless adapter.  Being on a cable, they can be positioned for best signal strength.  Some of the adapters, like the Hawking HWU8DD, are directional and thus have more gain than a simple antenna.  PC Cards are ok for a limited area network.
Thanks for the suggestions, the last suggestion sure is a good one as I have a usb wireless card along with the one built into my laptop, turned off the one that is built in and plugged in the usb one to a cable very directional but in turn could aim and went from signal very low to strong signal without moving the computer, just the usb cable. Once again all for the suggestions.
I don't know of any built in WiFi adapters that provide for an external antenna, so the USB adapter is your best choice.
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