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Jan 21, 2007
We will be taking delivery of a new Jayco Eagle 288RLS travel trailer in a couple of months and I was wondering about the merits of three different anti sway sytems. A) the Husky equalization system with two friction bars, B) the Reese dual cam system and C) the Equalizerhitch system which has a 4 point friction setup-- one at each trunnion and one at each steel clamp near the end of the trunnion bars. I would appreciate hearing about experiences with each of these setups. Thanks in advance
Welcome to the forum Deejay...

Congrats on your trailer.  I'm unable to offer comparisons between the mfg's you mention, but I can tell you that I own the Equalizer system, and am very satisfied.  I didn't do much  research when choosing the system for my setup, but I did recall reading several posts on this forum which said good things about the Equalizer brand.  Additionally, it seemed the best all-in-one solution value, when I looked at a few of the prices between makers.

My experience is that it does what it's supposed to do, and very well, at least in my tow application.  Hitch attachment and set up before towing is quite easy.

I have in the past used the Reese dual cam system, was satisfied with it. I would also recommend you get an electric jack to help with the hitching chores of locking down the chains. The Reese hitch is still in the garage a bit heavy to ship and bulky with the trunion bars.

When I bought my new trailer the dealer recommended the Equalizer. I used a Reese on the old one. I test pulled it with the Reese then he installed the Equalizer and I made a test pull and kept it. He even gave me a trade in on the old one. We just pulled it to Fla. from Mi. and there is no sign of a sway.
Thanks gents

Your comments seemed to verify my research.  I was in touch with my dealer today and they agreed to switch my order over to the Equalizer brand. Most people I talked to especially liked the ease of installation and removal.

Hello DeeJay:

I use the "Equalizer" (90-00-0600) on my R-Vision "Trail-Sport" 19' Trailer..... have put over 25K miles on the system with a few problems, all because I did not understand the installation process. I had the system shipped to my home, it came with part missing, contacted local dealer (who installed these units) paying them to install and provide missing part. (100 mile round trip). Shipper would have sent me replacement part but in hurry.

IF ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO Installation Instructions, the system is really good and have never regretted using! Does the job for my small trailer!
1) as was suggested, get an electric motor for Jack. It will help in positioning Bars onto "L or Sway brackets" at hook up. I do OK without but do have a small jack to put under Tow vehicle hitch to bring bars up to slide onto "L brackets". Only have needed a couple times, but you may be stronger.
2) Purchase "Double Survival Kit" 95-01-9393....($20)  I now pay attention to where I put these items when unhooking system.
3) Ensure that Bolt securing "L shaped SWAY Bracket" to Trailer mount goes thru hole! I just tighten square headed bolt against mount, hard to see if completely thru hole (for Me).

Good luck


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