Any reccomendations on painting motor home?

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Sep 25, 2005
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Do any of you from So. Calif. area have any recommendations for someone who needs to have Winnebago class A motorhome painted?  Just met him at storage lot, he has been "fighting" to try to get Winnebago to repaint his four year old MH.  Paint on back and one side looks faded and streaked.  He is looking for suggestions of where he could have it repainted.  Would appreciate any suggestions that might be of help to him.  Thanks
There is a shop in Westminster but I am not sure where it is.  I think it is just south of the GG freeway on Newhope but I am not sure.  There is supposedly several in that area but I am no longer there to check.  I will be there in February to check.  VBG
I'd think that any auto body paint shop with a large enough bay could do the job.
Thanks Tom and James,  We referred him to a graphic/striping shop to see if they had a recommendation for where to get his MH painted.  Also suggested he contact some of the Auto/Truck painting places to see if they do it.  What he really wants is for Winnebago to step up to the plate and repaint it.  Says this is his third MH from them and he cannot believe that they are not responding to what is obviously a problem with the paint they put on the MH.  He also stated that only he and one other person have ever washed/waxed his MH, and he has never had a problem before.  Guess there is always a chance of a problem.  Thanks again.  Kay

FWIW Monaco and a few other manufacturers are having to repaint a whole bunch of coaches due to some poor material from a supplier. Unfortunately, they have very limited capacity, so they're not advertising the problem or recalling coaches. If a customer finds out about it and calls them, they schedule a re-paint appointment. Some friends of ours discovered it late last year and their earliest appointment was in 2007.

I wonder if Winnebago has a similar problem, but don't want to admit it (?)
Hi Tom,  I told him that I had read somewhere that a couple of other people had the same problem.  If Winnebago does not take care of his problem, he plans to give them some free advertising that they won't want.  Says he will put a big sign on his MH and park in a prominent place at the Pomona Farigrounds RV show!  I wish him well, not fun to spend all that money, take good care of your MH and then have it look bad so soon.    Kay
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