Anybody here have the 3000 series in-motion King Dome dishes?

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Jul 6, 2009
I have an older stationary king dome on my RV, not sure of the model right now.
The prices of these seems to have come down a lot to my recollection, so I was considering upgrading to an in-motion model.

Here is the conundrum...the current unit I have works AWESOME!!!!
I keep reading on here that people have reception issues with their KD dishes, but I am not one of them.
This sucker will pull in a signal through trees...I am always amazed on some of the treed lots we are on and still manage to get a good signal.

I am in Canada and use a Bell receiver on Nimiq 82 or 91.

Now I know I am going to hear comments like...if it works...keep the old one.  Hey...where is the fun in that?

Just wondering if anybody has a late model KD dish.

As long as you remain in Canada or less than  ~200 miles below the border, it will work well, Keep it!!!

BUT if you are intending to travel further into the USA your BELL Expressvu system will cease to function. It is not because your equipment suddenly goes dead, but is because the two Bell satellites are now arranged that way (82 since the beginning and 91 since Aug 2011). Some of us had to go to Shaw ( 'Starchoice')  Home away from Home service (which is no longer being sold... ) to maintain a Canadian contact.

Nah, not much fun.....  but at least it is paid for.....

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