Anyone fulltiming with a Big Rig conversion ?

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Nov 21, 2005
Why are class A's so expensive ? You can buy a loaded out Big Rig with large sleeper for $106k? NEW ! (warranty 5yrs 750k miles).

Not sure how much they charge to put a house on the frame, but you would think another 100k should get it.

In the end you could end up with a fantastic rig that will just about last forever.

Just wondering if anyone has done this ?

Found this site: WOW nice coach :eek:
Wow  Nice units but far out of my class.  They are that expensive cause someone will pay it.
A lot of people do conversions of trucks and buses.  It's a lot of work but as you say, you can do a lot and save money besides, assuming you do most of it yourself.  Not sure if you save much if you hire thetotal conversion, but you can find out.  See for some sources for conversions.

There are several web sites that cater to the folks doing there own conversions. One is Rv Bus Conversions -  A web search on Rv Conversions should turn up several more.
I saw the vehicles in question at the last Pomona (CA) RV show and they are indeed impressive.  However, do not rely on their blythe assurance that you can pilot on of those rascals on a  Class-C California Drivers License.    Those are three axle vehicles that look as if they exceed 6000 lbs in weight and some surely look to be over 40 feet in length.  Numbers like that can push them into the Class B category.  I would certainly check out the licensing requirements with the DMV before I sprung for one.
In the most recent issue of MotorHome magazine there is an article about folks with a rig having that "unconventional" front that are turned away from a number of parks that have restrictions on just what they let in.  The reason given is that it is not a Class-A, and they only let Class-A rigs into their parks.



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