Anyone here from Stockton CA area?

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Sep 28, 2005
I assume you are Tom with your recent post on the sturgeon. 
I am kind of new to fishing the Delta and have dreams of catching a large sturgeon or a monster striper. 
I went out last weekend with 3 packs of anchoves and within 4-5 hours probably caught 50 or so small stripers.  You would have a bite everytime within 10 seconds of casting out!  After asking around, I was told that you can always catch little stripers on anchoves but the larger ones tend to go for shad.  Any truth to this? 
Any help on catching large stripers would be great!  I do most of my fishing from shore as my pontoon boat isn't the greatest for fishing.

I'd have thought your pontoon boat would be ideal for fishing on the delta. It would also allow you to troll for those big stripers. Where do you bank fish?

Stripers definitely like shad. The best way to serve them up is to filet one side of the shad, starting behind the head, but stop before you get to the tail (don't cut the filet off completely). Then fold the filet back and hook the shad so it's kinda open butterfly-style. One of these days I'll snap a photo.

We're not from Stockton, but we're not far away - Discovery Bay, on Hwy 4 near Brentwood. Used to berth a boat at Village West Marina on the north side of Stockton for many years. There used to be a good bait shop on Hwy 4, not far from the intersection with I-5, at a gas station. It was called Island Bait and Tackle. They closed down for some time, but I believe they're open again under new owners.
As with fishing, I am also new to boating.  Discovered I liked fishing so I went out and bought the boat.  I haven't trolled for anything in the delta.  Since my friends no squat about fishing, the only way I learn is to take a charter boat out and observe.  I have taken one out in the Martinez area, but we anchored and fished for the stripers off the bottom.  That place your talking about re-opened and then just shut down recently.  I think I am doing the shad the way you descibe but go ahead and send a picture if you want.  So do you agree with the anchove vs. shad myth?
As far as bank fishing goes, I have tried by the bridge in Rio Vista (snag city), the 3 banks off 8 Mile Rd, west of I-5 in N. Stockton, and most recently where I had all the luck with the tiny guys was Whisky Slew Rd.  Always open for new places though!
FX, the guys who troll typically catch the big stripers. The Sacramento river below Rio Vista bridge is prime striper fishing, but it's best fished by boat, even if you bait fish. There are several options for launching your patio boat nearby - the Delta Marina has a private launch ramp, the Rio Vista public lanuch ramp (behind city hall) and Windy Cove (past the coastguard station). Hap's Bait is just up the street from city hall.

At the end of Eight Mile Road is Herman & Helens marina. They have a launch ramp and they also have a fleet of rental houseboats (we affectionately call them "Delta destroyers"). It's a short boat trip from there to the San Joaquin river and good striper fishing.

If you were down at Martinez, you were close to the mothball fleet, which is prime sturgeon territory and good striper fishing. The stripers in that area are best caught with grass shrimp - sold at the bait shop in the Martinez marina. Use ghost shrimp for sturgeon.

The only thing I've found anchovies to be good for is salmon when fishing (trolling) outside the Golden Gate.
Tom-Thanks.  Thats good info.  I'll save that.
FX, glad to help. Now I'm waiting to see the photo of the big one.
You and me both!  Not to beat a dead horse, but let me ask a follow up question here.  You use live ghost shrimp right?  Just hook them and let the line out or is there any flashers, weights???
Yes, we use live ghost shrimp when fishing for sturgeon. Also use a sturgeon leader which has two hooks, so we use two ghost shrimp at a time. We use a sinker (lead ball) heavy enough to stay in one place and it's on a slider. So the main line from the pole to the leader is able to slide through the slider and the ball doesn't present any resistance to the sturgeon when it sucks in those shrimp. Sturgeon hang out in deep holes or on the edge of the shipping channel.

If we use live ghost shrimp for stripers, we use a lighter sinker, also on a slider. Single hook in this case.

No flashers using either of the above methods.

If you manage to snag either a good size sturgeon or a large striper, hang on. They'll both put up a good fight and, when you get the sturgeon off the bottom, it will show you some spectacular jumps.

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