Anyone stayed at california rv park in vegas?

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Oct 22, 2012
We are planning a trip to Vegas and was thinking of staying here because it is downtown. Has anybody heard anything about this rv park?
California RV Park has been closed for many years. It's an employee parking lot. But on the other side of the freeway is Main Street Station RV Park which is owned by Boyd who owns the California Casino. We've stayed at Main Street many times. It's handy to downtown, walking distance. But it's also very loud being adjacent to the freeway and next door to a major fire station. Sam's Town is better but it's out the Boulder Highway.

We stayed at Circus Circus KOA in vegas for six days over last Xmas. One block to strip ,casino two minute walk. It was rather neat and staff was friendly. I t was easy to get in and out of park. RV dealer and repair centre 1/2 mile away. They were also good. I would go back if in Vegas.
When I got here to Vegas a month ago, I was warned about downtown's safety issues. Decided to stay at Las Vegas RV Resort instead, which is right next to Sam's Town RV Park, and the casino itself. Boulder Highway is apparently not the safest place either, but I've been here almost a month now, and had walked from the casino back to the resort (which is about a 7-8 minute walk), and hadn't experienced or seen or heard any incidence yet. Though I have not stayed at Sam's Town's RV Park yet, the Las Vegas RV Resort seems to have much better reviews, and you get all the perks of having Sam's Town right next door too.
Thanks for the great info.  We stayed at the KOA Circus Circus last year and really liked it. We just like the downtown area alot better than the strip. We'll probably stay at Main Street station since we can only stop for a couple nights.
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I am a new RV owner and live in Vegas.  We drove an hour north to Pahrump [Nye County - NV] and loved the Lakeside RV Resort.  Great casino in front of the property.

The BEST rated RV resort in Vegas/Clark County is the 'Oasis RV Resort.'  It is adjacent to the Silverton Casino & Bass Pro Shops and is a quick shuttle ride back & forth to the Oasis.

Pickup some RV items at the Bass Pro Shop after your 'Jackpot' win at the Silverton...

Sam's Town Casino & RV park is also a good location.  Great casino, across the street from a Wal-Mart and quick food restaurants.  The Strip is 7 miles and Sam's Town provides free shuttle service there and downtown.  I worked at Sam's and they have a great security department w/bike and mobile patrols through the park and in the casino.

"Good Luck"  ;D

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