AOL Time Warner empty promises for south Texas

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Aug 5, 2006
I finally, and glad of it, reached my destination in south Texas, more specifically The Fountain at Penitas RV Park, in Penitas Texas. Owners Tom and Betty very helpful in setting up.? It has been appreciated since I am a newbie.
AOT Time Warner have this package advertised where they will supply cable, internet and phone with unlimited long distance in U.S. and Canada for 99.99, perfect so I thought.? The person who sold it to us said it would be installed on a certain date.? Well the internet and the cable were installed and have been given the run around for the phone srvice.? The salesman tell you one day, it doesn't happen, he then claims he had said it was another day, but also that didn't happen.
A call to their office and we get this person saying the instal dates were not correct, then we are told the ordrs were cancelled????
Another resident of the park who is also experiencing the same problem was told that the package was not even available.
Given all that malarky I attempted to go on thier website to complain.? First off you have to be a user of their phone service in order to access their service dept. otherwise forget it.
They take your 200.00 up front and don't deliver.? BEWARE.
The next time (not for AOL, I GUARANTEE YOU) the services will be received before the money is handed over.? They have their policies and now it is time we tell these people who is going to dictate the policy.
Isn't anyone else fed up with getting the? :-\run around from companies like this.
I just had to vent.
Thanks, Leo

Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. AOL is a company from which to stay far, far away! If they don't deliver in the next couple of days I would contact the local PUC or whatever it's called down there. Public Utility Commissions put the fear of God into telephone companies. I'm sure they could begin an investigation. In fact just mentioning that to the sales person will probably get resulits quickly.

You won't find much appreciation or sympathy for AOL on this Forum? ;D? :D.? It's the company that ruined the online community from which this Forum was born, so take Jim's advice and take whatever legal actions are necessary to deal with this business deadbeat.
Best thing to do with AOL  is to inform them you want out.  Hope you pay by Credit card.  Stop that credit card, get a different one and never let them know you have one.  JMHO

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