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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
My friend pulled an April Fool email trick on me that took me two days to figure out.  I need to plan an equally suitable retaliaton for next year.  Suggestions are welcome. 

Please share the substance of the April Fool email trick...for recycling next year by those perverted individuals who might enjoy such pranks  ;D ;D ;D

One that I heard gets laughs and laughs is to get friend, whose voice your  victim friend does not know, call the victim.  The story is the "victim" has an unexpected income tax refund coming, but for identification purposes, he has to come in person to the local tax office.  The details can be embelished as necessary. 

The important part of A.F. jokes is that they not cause any harm,  expense or injury to the "victim".  There is no comedy in seeing someone get hurt.
Well, I've got a good one that was pulled on me last year by my wonderful daughter. It was so good that I warned her entire household about 4 days before April 1 that I wouldn't except phone calls from them on April 1. She called me at work last year and told me that commemorative stamps for a certain Country music artist ( can't remember who ) was going on sale at 10:00AM and there was a very limited supply and she didn't expect them to last long enough for her to get them herself. She begged me to go out to the closest post office and buy as many as I could for her and a friend. So, being the good daddy that I am I went to about 3 or 4 different post offices looking for them. I then called her and told her that the agents at the post offices didn't act like they knew what I was talking about. That's when she told me April fools and that they don't issue commemorative stamps for people that's still alive. To say the least I was shattered. I didn't think my little girl would be that mean. Try that one on someone as gullible as I am.

By giving the "victim" clues like "a commemorative stamp for a person still living" is especially fun to do.  The challenge is to craft the story to include clues that it's a hoax, but not so obvious as to tip off the unsuspecting victim!  Very good one and thanks for sharing it.
Have to agree with Steve, I have NEVER understood people who enjoy laughing at (not with) other people nor playing tricks on them.  But, sheesh, country western music?  I have this horrible feeling I'm the only person in the US who does not like country or western.  Well, except that neat song I heard in my brother's pickup the other day.  Something about a woman who, among other things, never takes down her Christmas decorations.

My friend, to explain the joke, and her husband just sold or stored all their worldly goods, put their house up for sale, and are moving into their large, lovely motorhome permanently.  They were down to just a few pieces of furniture, the storage POD was hauled away, and she wrote that something came up and they were not moving after all.  She then skipped about half a dozen lines and wrote April Fool.  The problem is, those extra lines fell below my screen, and I thought the email was finished.  I spent the whole weekend picturing all sorts of tragedies and was thinking along the lines of sympathy cards.  This morning I reopened the email for the zillionth time to read her wording, which was a little odd.  I then looked farther down to see if she had quoted one of my prior emails, and there was the April Fool part.  I have since warned her to be afraid.  Very afraid. 

Pat said:
I have this horrible feeling I'm the only person in the US who does not like country or western.

Fear not, you are not alone  :)
Hmmm,  I very much enjoy good country western music as well as classical and easy listening music.  What I can't stand is the noise some of these groups call music like Jackson does.

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