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Jan 7, 2007
We will be looking for good campground on the North West side of Atlanta,maybe even Cartersville, we would like to get full hookups, can anyone recommend a good campground.  In looking at the Good Sam's book it seems that the camping sites in that area are a little higher than in Mo.
There is a great campground off I-85 north of Atlanta about one hour on Lake Hartwell. U S Corp of Engineers campground on the lake. Beautiful and cheap. Close to Clemson University.
Normeller, we will be staying around Memorial Weekend. Cartersville is a way out, but it isn't too far for our meeting with family from Atlanta. We figured the closer we are to Atlanta over that holiday, the harder it will be to find a campground with larger sites for a family visit. I would think we would need reservations given it is a holiday, unless you think that Thursday before that weekend would be early enough to get a campsite. That one you are talking about would mean a longer drive for us since we will be coming from the NW-Chattanooga area.
Thank you for your reply!
North of Atlanta just off I-75 is a Red Top Mountain State Park.  Nice and right on Lake Alatoona.  I would think that for a holiday weekend you would need reservations.  It is just about in the Cartersville area.  Good luck.
Have stayed at Red Top Mountain and worked out great for us.  Mostly for BMX races we dry camped at Cobb park and enjoyed our stay.  Cobb Park is in Powder Springs.
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