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Would you participate in a ladies section of the RV Forum?

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Jan 13, 2005
I've had one or two private requests/suggestions for a ladies message board here. If there's sufficient interest, I'll gladly set it up.

Please, vote only if you're female; Males are disqualified from voting!
As a female who  reads the forum with regularity, I can't imagine what we could discuss that  does not already have a section.  I would participate I guess if the topics were of interest, but "general discussion" and "shade tree" already allow me places to vent.
  Now I do like to get together with ladies ( for lunch and venting) whenever we  travel but somehow in person dialogue is better that typing out messages that are also public to all.  Just my humble opinion.

Betty Brewer

Can I Vote as a member of the Hot Lips Puckers Trio ? :D :D :D

chris said:
Can I Vote as a member of the Hot Lips Puckers Trio ? Chris

As the Producer of the Moab Talent? Show, I'd say those three would get a special option to vote in this section. But? I'm not in charge of this poll.? Just submitting my humble beliefs.

Thank you for the support. I have to check with the other members of the trio if we need our own section in the forum.

LOL Chris, maybe we should take a vote on whether you and your fellow hot lippers are eligible to vote.


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Understood Betty. I was merely responding to a couple of requests and trying to accomodaate the wishes of our members. If there's no interest, I won't pursue it. Presumably, the response from some folks might be different if it was a private section (?).

BTW I can't imagine what the forum floozies might talk about in person that they wouldn't say on the forum  ;D
Hi Tom I'm new here  I go to other forums that have a ladies section and it is interesting and I think where it is helpful is when a women is thinking can she go out on her own? and she gets a lot of support from the ones who are out there.I also agree that we can get most anything answered here in our forums. Just my humble opinion. Thanks Donna
Thanks Donna. So, are you saying we should or should not have one or more ladies message boards? Or are you agreeing with Betty?
I agree with Betty and don't feel any need for a separate section on the forum. 

Howdy, Tom.

I agree with Betty and Jeannine. I don't feel any need for a separate section on the forum. 

Looks like you didn't all vote in the poll. There's only two 'No' votes, but more than two 'No' messages, unless a naysayer voted
yes' or 'undecided'  ???

Women can be isolated too much already without doing it to ourselves on purpose.  I like everybody's opinion about things. 

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