Auto on-off led ribbon lights for steps

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Apr 15, 2008
Added a photoelectric switch to the led ribbon lights in the step cutout on our 5er.  Sure beats the worthless step light Flagstaff puts on. 


  • LED Step lights 4.JPG
    LED Step lights 4.JPG
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  • LED Step lights 2.JPG
    LED Step lights 2.JPG
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  • LED Step lights 1.JPG
    LED Step lights 1.JPG
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  • LED Step lights 3.JPG
    LED Step lights 3.JPG
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One of these days I'll snag a pair of 12 volt LED strips,  I will tie them to the "Worthless step light" causing them to turn on when the door is opened.

That's my plan.. I've already done the wiring.
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