Award Classic Fresh Water Fill and Drain Problem

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Oct 29, 2005
Hartland, MI
I recently purchased a '88 Award Classic 30 and it came without without
any user manuals.

After much  searching, I located the intended Fresh Water drain location
on the street side of the trailer. At approximately 4" inward from the end
of the tank is an accesss hole through the wood housing that exposes the
plastic tank. However, No drain was ever installed though it looks like I could
drill the required hole for a purchased drain valve or spigot - unless that could
end up creating an unsealable hole?

The fill for the tank appears to be from the line and hand-valve that
is located at one side of the tee that is on the output side of the
pump. To fill the tank, it appears that you attach a water hose from a
pressurized source to the outside of the trailer. When you open the
hand-valve water is fed to the Fresh Water tank. I assume when the
control center shows the tank is full or water shoots out the vent hole
on the side the trailer, you know it's full!

You can always drain the tank by running the pump to transfer the water
to the gray water tank but that sure seems like a conumdrum. :) I don't
believe any part of this installation was performed by a 3rd party.

Does anyone have any ideas for adding the drain - type of drain etc. or
perhaps if you have a similar model, what is/was your workaround?
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