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Sep 30, 2012
Moncks Corner, SC near Charleston
We are new to camping and wife wants to put a rope light on awning. My question is, do you leave the rope light on awning when you roll it up or take it down when you roll awning up? Guessing it would be OK to roll it up in awning if storm came up. Would take rope light and track down before rolling awing up to head out on road. Looks like one will be going up and down a ladder lots.  Would like to hear from those that use rope lights what you do.


I use white LED Christmas lights, have 4 strings of them. I use spring loaded clamps to hold them to the awning. If you clamp them on before you raise the awning up high, then no ladder needed. If storm comes takes about 10 seconds to undo 3 clamps. The metal clamps grip vinyl better than the plastic clamps. Plastic will work fine on Sunbrella.

Sometimes I run the lamps and clamps over to a lamp post or tree too, other times I string up and down the awning so I have like a lit pearl necklace. Looks really cool. Also, I use a separate extension cord that I  plug into the utility post.  I bought a heavy duty one with 3 outlets at the end, so I can plug in laptop or fan outdoors too.

Love my outdoor lights and the spring loaded clamps make it easy to put them up or down quickly. If you go with white Christmas lights use a spool to store them on. Otherwise it can be fussy trying to deal with them.

If you are set on rope lights, then use big clamps, they don't have to clamp to the light, just use the clamp to make a channel for them to rest in, like I do the Christmas lights.
An alternative is a waterproof led light strip. It is thin enough (about 3/16th thick & 1/4" wide) that I think it could be rolled up with the awning without damage to either one. The strips are normally made for 12v power, but you can get a little 12v power module for around $10-$12 and plug it in via that and an extension cord. The led strips normally come with an adhesive backing, so simple to install on the roller tube as well.
I lay my LED  rope lights on the ground around the edge of the trailer, out of the way, easy to put out & take in rain or shine. :)
We do rope lights on the ground as well - it's easy and a very nice effect.

I've also installed three strings of led strip lights inside the coach, one multi-color & changing "just for fun" and two in warm white for mood lighting, and some more leds that light up a cabinet interior and another for the step well. Both of those only come on when the doors are opened.
Lot's of time on my hands, so I am always tinkering! And my wife loves decorative lighting. Or decorative most anything else. I have to keep moving or she will decorate me!

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