Awning won?t close completly

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Feb 25, 2009
While away from the rig a gust of wind must have billowed the awning and now it won?t roll up tight against the side. Anyone know how to realign the arms? Nothing seems to be bent or broken. It operates normally but for the one problem.
Something is bent.  And it doesn't take much to bend one of these arms.  Inspect the arms inch by'll likely find them rubbing together too tightly somewhere. 
Is it both arms or just one that are out of alignment? We had one TT where the awning fabric would easily slide in the roller. Most times we rolled it up we had to unroll it, slide the fabric a bit, roll it back up, and repeat as necessary until it lined up. If both of your arms are off (in the same direction), perhaps this is all that's wrong.
While you are rolling up the awning have someone push on the arm in the direction that it needs to align.  Slight pressure is all that is required.  You can also pull with the strap a little bit in the direction to align the arm.  Don't over due the this with the strap or the strap will end up rolled up inside the fabric, making it difficult to extend the next time.

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