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Feb 24, 2013
I've just bought a 1997 - 2033 seabreeze 5th wheeler. The rv is in excellent condition although I don't know when the bearings were checked last. My problem is determining what type of a axles are under it. I've looked for tags and numbers with no luck.  This trailer was built by National. Can anyone tell me where to start looking or does anyone know these trailers and the type of axles it may have 
        Thanks. Toetoy

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Someone on here may know, but you may have to pull the bearings and get the numbers off them. If you do end up going that route, get new bearings and pick up an extra set to keep in the trailer. Never know when that could save your bacon!.

Not too sure but "Dexter" is a large manufacturer. Email them and maybe they can help
The axle ID should be stamped right in the center of the axle. You'll have to crawl under there with a flashlight and look carefully.

Ditto on new bearings. I recommend Timken. Once you ID the axle and get the bearing #s, you may be able to find them and new seals on Amazon at a reasonable price. Be sure to clean the hubs out well and use the proper grease. Never mix types of grease. Some types of mixed grease turn into a concrete type substance.

While you are at it, take a look at new brake assemblies. They are incredibly cheap and easy to replace. This would be the time to do that  ;).
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