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Aug 27, 2006
I read posts regarding back up cameras but wanted to know if anyone had experience with a combo with a gps unit.  I saw one advertised in the local paper for $1499 and thought it would be a good idea in theory but don't know if it really works as advertised.  Anyone with experience or knowledge of these?
Bad idea. If it breaks, you are without 2 services.

I keep my back up camera on all the time to monitor the state of the toad and to see when I have sufficient room to pull back into the proper lane.

The GPS is also always on and displaying the route and ready to give audio cues.
I agree with Russ on this one.  Bad idea.  Like Russ we have the camera on all the time and the GPS on all the time.  No way do we want to have to be switching from one to another while traveling.  I want both on and useable 100% of the time while driving.
Just curious, but my back up camera monitor has 2 camera inputs.? Only 1 is used.? Might it be possible to connect the GPS unit to the 2nd camer input?

-Charlie Hunter

That would work assuming you have a GPS unit that provides a video output. Most GPS receivers provide a NMEA output which couldn't be used by the monitor.

Interestingly, I have a GPS receiver with two video inputs to hook up cameras.

I use a Lowrance iWay500C in the coach and the cars; I just checked and confirmed it does not have video inputs. The GPS unit that has video inputs is a Standard Horizon 10" color chartplotter that I use on my boat.
I have had a Tom Tom Go700 and like it very much. My only gripe is that he 3 inch screen, which is the size of most GPS screens, is a bit small. I rely on the voice directions while driving, but would like a larger screen for reviewing the route it generates as it sometimes picks some strange routes. I have been looking at a Garmin Streetpilot 7200 which has a 7 inch screen. It lists for $1600 and Amazon sells it for $969.99 with free shipping.

I agree with those who say to keep the rear view camera and the GPS on different screens.

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