Backup camera gone out

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Mar 11, 2005
My backup camera, a panasonic GV-RV111, has a bad imaging chip which panasonic no longer makes.  I am replacing it with a panasonic GP-RV201AFL.  I need a mounting bracket for the GP-RV201AFL, or, a replacment for the old GV-RV111. The tech service I am using is TechCenter in Bloomington MN and they cannot help me with the bracket. They do have the newer camera. All connections and continuity for the cable are ok.  Can anyone direct me to a website that might have one or the other.  All input is appreciated.
Thanks,  Pres
A search of google brought up the following link that may help.  Hope that helps.
Hi Ron & Gary.  I will try the website you suggested Ron.  I appreciate you running a search.

Bending a piece of metal may be my other or only option Gary.  I had thought about cutting the center out of the bracket for my old camera and then getting a friend to weld or silver soldier the two end pieces back together.  I also thought about purchasing a new unit off ebay but I don't know if the new monitor would fit my dash.
I do appreciate you taking a minute to think it over. 

I'll try to keep you both posted on whatever solution I try.

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