Backup camera now has delay in video coming on

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Feb 21, 2009
Capitola, Ca.
Just got back from our second multi-day trip with our 1995 Pace Arrow and loving this RV program -- yeah!

But the old girl has suddenly developed a lag in the Panasonic backup camera turning on. When I first start up, I get a gray screen. After a several minutes, I start to see a faint image (sometimes looks like a negative) and then after perhaps 10 minutes the screen is normal B&W.

At first I thought it might be moisture related, but after cleaning the camera lens and a week in the desert (Palm Springs), the lag continues. Even a 10 minute rest stop is accompanied by a lag in the camera operating properly -- although then it only takes about 2 minutes to return to a proper image.

Any suggestions on what I might be facing and how best to diagnose the issue?

Purely speculation, but it sounds like the camera is slow to come up which might be caused by low voltage or bad ground.  Check the connections at both ends.
Ive been doing video 35 yrs. First chk your video connectors. If they are BNC type then make sure there is no corrosion, and make sure it is crimped on correctly (tight) Have someone watch the screen while you wiggle the connectors on both ends. Next chk to see if there is any moisture in the cam itself. Also chk voltage at the camera. If voltage dips as little as 2 volts you will get delayed video. Also check for a "short to ground" somewhere on the video line. Do this by disconnecting both ends and use an ohm meter to chk between each conductor and ground (chassis, metal )You should not get any reading. And finally it could be just a bad camera, best way to chk that is to connect cam to another head end and see how it works. Take it to a dealer and see if thay have a head end on display that you can plug your cam into to see if it works. Hope this helps
Hi Dan,

Molaker has the correct answer to your problem. I can tell you where the low voltage problem is. I had the very same issue in my 95 Bounder. In you Battery Control Center (BCC) is 2 silver relays. The BCC is the black metal box under the hood on the driver's side. The upper most silver relay is the Ignition relay, which supplies power to your back up camera. The contacts have become oxidized and only make full contact when bumping down the road. To prove my point, have some one tap on the ignition relay right after you start you MH. Those 2 silver relays are known for failure when they get some age on them. The relay is available from Oreilly Auto. Part Number BWD-603. Copper contact surfaces. About 40 bucks.
A better relay is available from Cole Hersee. Part number 24213.
If you replace one of those relays, make sure the replacement is a Continuous Duty relay.
That's excellent direction. Thanks for the tips.

Now that you mention the switch, it brings to mind a couple of times when turning the ignition gets no response and I have to try a couple times and then it starts right up. I may get lucky and solve two issues (fingers crossed).

I'll dig into it this weekend and report back on results.

Thanks again.
Wow, it's been more than a year since I started having these issues and after numerous trips and reverse manuevers with no working camera, I called it quits and pulled the old unit and installed new color camera from Costco.

Haven't taken it for a spin yet, but couldn't be happier with the view and clarity.

In the meantime, going thru the process of completely removing the old unit turned up a frayed video wire close to the middle of the unit (presented itself when the wire snapped while I was using it to fish the new cable). I now suspect this was the culprit and likely got damaged during a PO roof repair that was in the same are. Old unit is now a freebie in the "Classifieds" are and hopefully provides just the exact part someone else needs.

Cheers and thanks for all the help.

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